Courses Taught (University)
Level: G = Graduate, U = Undergraduate
Delivery Format: F = Face-to-Face (In Person), O = Online, B = Blended (Hybrid)

Northern Illinois University
Advanced Instructional Media (G), (O)
Applied Educational Research (G), (F)
Computers in Education (U), (O, B)
Distance Education: Design & Delivery (G), (O, B)
Doctoral Research and Dissertation (G)
Field Experience for Integrating Technology into the Elementary Classroom (U), (O)
Human Resource Development (U, G), (O)
Instructional Design I (G), (O, B)
Instructional Media & Technology (G), (O, B, F)
Instructional Technology Tools (G), (O, B)
Integrating Technology into the Elementary Classroom (U), (F)
iPads in the Classroom (U, G), (O, B)
Library Material for Children (G), (O)
Media Design: Multimedia (G), (O, F)
Mobile Technologies for Teaching and Learning (G), (B)
Preparing for the Job Hunt (G), (B)
Seminar: Educational Technology Foundations (G), (F, B, O)
Seminar: Instructional Technology Problems (G), (B)
Seminar: Instructional Technology Research (G), (F)
Seminar: Instructional Technology Theory (G), (F)
Survey: Instructional Technology (U), (O)
Teaching and Learning with Technology (U), (F)
21st Century Learning with IBL & Web 2.0 (U, G), (B)

Armstrong Atlantic State University
Computers in Classroom Teaching (U), (F)
Current Topics in Instructional Technology (G), (F)
Multimedia Design (G), (B)
Online Learning Environment (G), (B)
Technology Applications for Teachers (U, G), (F)

Purdue University
Classroom Applications of Educational Technology (U), (F)
Data Analysis/Database Design (U), (F)
Database Application Development (U), (F)
Educational Applications of Hypermedia (G), (O)
Educational Technology for Teaching and Learning (G), (O)
Introduction to Educational Technology and Computing (U), (F)
Introduction to Educational Technology and Computing Laboratory (U), (F)
Learning Design and Technology Portfolio (G), (O)